Lovely Vistas

By Dave Fratello | April 10th, 2009
It is one heckuva slow week in local RE, this being a break for many.

Very few new listings, few price chops.

Some sales are happening here and there. Here's a list of SFRs that have gone into escrow recently (highlighted addresses are in "backup offer" status and can be viewed now):
  • 1015 Boundary Place, rumored before to have a deal, now under contract, last at $1.579m;
  • 316 8th, a double lot sale last at $2.45m;
  • 2616 Highland, an ocean-view home that is also, well, on Highland, at $2.199m;
  • 333 3rd in the South End, last at $1.7m;
  • 1828 Walnut, a serious fixer on a corner, priced at $975k; and
  • 3600 Elm, a little cottage at $1.095m.
So that's something good to say about Easter Week... People did not ignore their obligation to buy MB RE.

What's giving us a chuckle or two is the pics in the listing for 3611 Vista.

This is a TH that made a cut this week to $1.499m. It began at $1.699m this year but we recall it being somewhat higher last year. (No records at MBC, this being a TH.)

We love the pic of the oil tanker, so well centered in this vista drawn from the very first pic in the listing.

You know, the money shot. The one that is supposed to take your breath away and invite you to come see the rest of the house.

An oil tanker.

A later pic, attempting to draw Malibu into the frame, also draws in another form of transportation: a jet taking off from LAX.

Aren't we trying to convey serenity, tranquility, nature, etc., by showing the bay views? So why the big machines?

For what it's worth, 3611 Vista is not only offered for sale, but also for lease at $6,750/mo.

You don't hear a lot of renters being all fussy about views. The $1.5m+ set, sometimes, yes.

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