Lowest MB Sale Prices of 2014

By Dave Fratello | December 30th, 2014

This was a year of rising real estate prices in Manhattan Beach, but you have to start somewhere.

Here's our roundup of the, achem, cheapest properties to sell this year.

Lowest Overall Price

1520 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Unit D (2br/2ba, 1125 sq. ft.) at $465K in March 2014.

If there was going to be a super-low price in MB, a small condo east of Sepulveda was going to be a likely candidate. This one ran from Aug. 2013 till early 2014 when they found a buyer.

This unit has some spiffy upgrades from the 60s original. The listing description offers this hopeful assessment of the property: "All in All it looks like a happy, comfortable, worry free place to live."

Worry free!?! Sign us up.

Lowest-Priced Townhome

32 Bermuda Court (2br/2ba, 1465 sq. ft.) in Manhattan Village is one of the smaller "court homes," which always trade as the least expensive units behind the gates. This one is a Plan One floorplan.

The sale here at $785K in November still marks a pretty high low for the Village this year.

Lowest-Priced Single-Family Home

1658 11th St. (2br/1ba, 812 sq. ft.) was a shoe-in to "win" this category if they could just make the sale.

At $852K, they did, and this July sale established the floor for SFRs in all of Manhattan Beach in 2014.

It's a teeny little house on a half lot in a challenging location on a busy street, across the street from a park. There's a lot to be said for the conveniences of the location, if you want to hype it that way, but there was a reason it would be a tough sale.

Maybe tough, but not impossible. With fresh carpet and remodeled kitchen/bath, it's an attractive investment property or starter.

Those are the baselines for the year. We'll keep looking at 2014 sales by category, highs and lows, through the early part of the New Year.

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