Luck Runs Out

By Dave Fratello | May 12th, 2010
One of the luckier listings of early 2010 has now quit.

2708 Pacific (5br/4ba, 3400 sq. ft.) is an early-90s home with some graceful updates; a desirable home that mainly has a location issue on busy Pacific.

The home launched in $1.849m early in February. That was a price, MBC noted, near what new construction in comparable parts of the Trees was fetching recently – even a bit higher.

Somehow, though, the sellers had a deal within 10 days. We called that a "head-scratcher" in "Spring's Intriguing Signs," but there was no denying that the market had spoken.

Until a couple of days later when that deal was canceled.

The next couple of prices suggested someone playing some lucky numbers: $1.777m and $1.711m.

The last cut was to a more conventional $1.699m, but the listing is gone now, perhaps rented out while the owners move on.

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