'Make Me Move' Meets the Market

By Dave Fratello | June 15th, 2007
Zillow offers a cool, quirky feature, "Make Me Move," allowing homeowners to post their dream prices.

IF I WANTED TO SELL, I'd do it for... x...

It's a brilliant way of creating a grey market for homes. And of course the prices these non-serious sellers put on their properties are overstated.

The only interesting question is: How overstated? Here's some evidence.

The owners of 332 6th St. took the time to enter a "make me move" price on Zillow. They hoped for $3.750m for their newer, South End, walkstreet, 4br/5ba, 4,400 sq. ft. home. (Those factors do add up to: desirable.)

Alas, they were not just teasing. These folks actually want to sell.

Now they're on the MLS at $3.375m.

Based on a sample of 1, "make me move" prices are overstated by 10%. We'll be more systematic next time, but this one caught our eye.

Oh, the sellers paid $1.7m back in 2001, which certainly seems like 100 years ago in real-estate time. Six years later, they'll move if you give them $1.5 million to take with them.

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