MBC is 8 Years Old

By Dave Fratello | March 16th, 2015

We've now circled the sun 8 times together online.

We're starting our 9th year here at MBC as of Monday.

Many readers know the backstory, and we won't spend a lot of time on it.

But the capsule version is: This site began as an anonymous blog – a hobby, really.

Over time, this site, and readers' reactions to it, inspired Dave to enter the business of local real estate.

MBC now helps support a small team at Confidential Realty dedicated to doing local real estate the right way.

And we've branched out, with, for example, SouthBayConfidential.com and the all-news, all-Manhattan-Beach DigMB.com, in partnership with well-known local reporter Liz Spear.

As an agent, Dave has become a consistent top producer in the Manhattan Beach market, but MBC is still dedicated to keeping real estate real here online.

The mission is the same as ever: Give buyers and sellers (and agents!) the best information possible in an easy-to-use, entertaining format. That makes for a better market, and, hopefully, a good read most of the time.

Every few days someone offers compliments on the site, and claims to go all the way back to those O.G. days with us. It's great. It's also humbling and inspiring at the same time.

Thanks for sticking with us on our little unplanned adventure here.

We're looking forward to keeping it going!

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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