MBC Pumpkin Pitch (#2)

By Dave Fratello | October 22nd, 2009
First the city pulled out of the Pumpkin Races, then the downtown merchants dropped trick-or-treating for the year.

What's next, luminaria on the pier instead of fireworks at Christmas?

Without the Pumpkin Race folks, we'd really have no downtown trick-or-treating this year. But they brought it back, meaning they've preserved not one, but 2, downtown events this weekend.

Now is the time to show your support for their efforts. Sponsor MBC's pumpkin race "team" and help the MB Education Foundation at the same time.

Yes, it turns out, this Sunday, you can still traipse down near the pier for a little Halloween cheer – whether you are into candy, cute costumes or perhaps those little grownup nibbles and shots of wine some of the merchants are wont to provide.

And it's all because the World Famous Pumpkin Race folks refused to accept defeat when the city pulled its support, refused to move out of downtown, put a whole new act together and made the races into a fundraiser.

That's why MBC is promoting the event, and you should support it, too. (Click to donate as a sponsor of the MBC team.)

While setting up this year's races, the pumpkin devotees learned that the annual downtown trick-or-treating event was in jeopardy. So they added a kids' costume parade to the Pumpkin Race agenda (4pm-5pm Sunday, at MBB and Manh. Ave.) and planned to hand out treats there.

Some downtown businesses are now back in the game, and will hand out candy, too – though it will be hit-or-miss among the different shops. Last we heard, Manhattan Ave. won't be closed as it usually is.

All's right in the world because of some loony pumpkin-lovers with greater-than-average motivation. Bravo.

MBC readers are helping the pumpkin races. To date, they have helped us reach 1/3rd of the way to our $1,000 fundraising goal, but now is the time for you to step up. Your contribution of $100 will move us quickly toward that goal. (Click hyperlinked text to go to the sponsor page.)

Remember, your donation is handled entirely by the Pumpkin Race system, not MBC, and your money goes to the MB Ed Foundation. You'll get a tax receipt for your donation. If we hit that fundraising goal together, MBC gets a mention as a (proud) "sponsor" of the event Sunday.

Anonymous donations are also possible. Please contact the blog author directly for more: mbwatcher [at] gmail.com.

Also, plan to register your pumpkin for the unlimited races ($15) and/or buy your race kit by "joining" the MBC team when you go to the pumpkin race website. Some of you will put off that registration, but remember MBC when it's time!

Finally, there's also a need for treats on the day of the event.

Candy donations will be accepted from 12-4pm on Sunday at the Race-A-Thon Registration Booth at MB Blvd. and Ocean Drive.

Wrapped, commercially available candies or healthy treats only.  No homemade or open packages, thanks!

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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