MBC Turns 7

By Dave Fratello | March 15th, 2014

Time to light the candles again!

MB Confidential has now completed 7 years online.

The core mission of MBC remains the same as on Day 1: Getting consumers the best information possible about the local real estate market. Only now, we can do it in so many ways.

The market now is very different, obviously, than at MBC's launch. Then, it was wobbly and heading for a drop – not that everyone wanted to hear that, but it had to be said. Today, we're in a rising market, and the questions mainly surround how much longer the runup goes, or what might slow or halt the momentum. On the blog, we try to capture the essence of whatever trend is in play at the time.

Real estate online is vastly different than at the time of MBC's first days. It was possible, but not easy, in 2007 to find real estate information for onesself. There was no Redfin or most of the other services that deliver information to consumers today. Mobile? Ha! We still had Blackberries, and you probably did, too. Were mullets popular then, also? Memory's a bit foggy.

We have appreciated your support over the years, and the opportunity to meet so many people through the blog. We've made friends and met clients through this site, and continue to do so.

MBC has evolved from Dave's hobby to his principal business. It's an evolution we didn't really plan or foresee, but we're happy to have made the change and to be able to focus efforts here.

Thanks for sticking with MBC! Onward!

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