Meet Francisco

By Dave Fratello | March 28th, 2008
In our somewhat whimsical poll this week, we tried to determine which MB street might be the least-well-known in town.

The results, which we'll publish in another brief story soon, told us that Francisco St. is the city's most obscure street.

It's with good reason. For one, Francisco is a border street, more or less, at the far south end near Hermosa. For another, there are only 6 homes with a Francisco St. address, so odds are you haven't visited anyone there. We also don't see any sales on the short block since 2001.

Finally, Francisco is only part of a street. Most of the block you see in the picture here is actually 33rd St., Hermosa.

On the map here, from the county assessor's site, you can see how the grey border line between Hermosa and MB cuts a little jog at Ingleside to create what must be MB's shortest street. (Bonus fact: this map also reveals that 5 MB homes west of Sepulveda have a Longfellow address.)

Our poll showed that just 22% of MBC readers were familiar with Francisco. But if you've got kids at Robinson (part of which is highlighted in yellow here), you've got to know Francisco. It's the only legal street to use to approach the school – in a vehicle – during pickup/dropoff times.

And so, dear Francisco, now's your time in the sun. No one knew you before; soon few will know you again. But online, you're king for a day.

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