Meet the Latest, Priciest Home in the Trees

By Dave Fratello | June 29th, 2007
For several months, builders have been pushing the ceiling up in the Tree Section, trying to make $3.5m the new normal for top-end everything.

Along comes 1718 Pacific, blowing them all away with a $4.5m pricetag on a remodel just a few doors down from the school. (To be fair, this was a big-time rebuild/remodel, in '03.)

The big asset: a 9,900 sq. ft. lot – yes, double the normal size for the area, and it's well-concealed, too, because the lot is much deeper than it is wide.

The rear yard has room for all you'd find in a different kind of suburban neighborhood – a patio for entertaining, some grass, a pool, and a sports court.

Compare this to the previously most-expensive home in the Trees: new construction at 570 27th (across from Ladera School), and there is no comparison. The listing for 27th ($3.75m) seeks your oohs and ahs for: "a huge, rare 6800+ square foot lot," onto which the builders (Schaar) placed the following outdoor amenities: grass, and a narrow strip of tiled patio. The home at 1718 Pacific is actually larger.

Now, is this Pacific home $750k better than the 27th St. home, or $1m better than the nice Farnham build at 717 31st (with no outdoor space to speak of)?

Or, for that matter, is this one really in a place beyond the grander homes in the Hill Section at $3.0-$4.3m? Mere mortals cannot say... but the market will.

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