By Dave Fratello | December 4th, 2009
With a new agent and a new description, 2100 Pine is now being compared to a renowned architectural masterpiece.

The new writeup says:
Picture Jefferson's Monticello home. Now enter this CUSTOM built home & you can't help but recall that stately historical landmark, but with all the modern conveniences.
The analogy is overdone, of course – no surprise there – but give them points for novelty.

We thought it'd be worth seeing a picture or 2 of Monticello instead of just conjuring it from memory. (Admittedly, we first thought of Mount Vernon; oops.)

So here's the classic "West Front" view of Monticello. It's drawn from the landmark's official website.

Click to see the "East Front" view here, which has much of the same look, with less of the dome. A whole gallery of images is online here.

Architecturally, Monticello is "a fine example of Roman neoclassicism." That, and other FAQs, are answered here.

Now, 2100 Pine is missing various elements of Monticello. Like the grounds. But then, Jefferson never dreamed of having a commercial range, nor did he surf.

As recently as, well, early this week, Pine was referred to as a Cape Cod stylistically – not "Roman neoclassical." Not only that, it was being placed much further north than Charlottesville:
Custom built with a nod to the Nantucket style of life, this quality built home combines the warmth of the East Coast tradition with Manhattan Beach living at its finest.
So there's a bit of an identity crisis here. Then again, Jefferson had a few of those, too.

Having had our fun here with an imaginative new sales pitch, we should say that 2100 Pine is not at all a speckie, and clearly draws in some classic old East Coast elements. We were thinking "colonial" for the style, but you can mix and match these days and call it what you like. Clearly.

As MBC noted mid-month, 2100 Pine (5br/5ba, 3100 sq. ft.) began at $2.425m – rich for new construction these days – and is now down to $2.149m with the new agent. The lot was acquired in Aug. 2006 for $1.4m, evidently for a personal custom build, not a speckie, but here it is on offer, nearing 6 months to date.

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