New Comments 101

By Dave Fratello | June 16th, 2009
Our new comment system requires registration with Disqus ("discuss"), the outside provider, to post comments at MBC.

Many regular readers and commenters previously registered with Google (provider of Blogger, this blog's platform) to comment by name under that system. Others created usernames with Intense Debate, the now-departed comment provider.

Disqus allows you to create any screen name (username) you like for your commenting profile.

For convenience, the system also recognizes that you might want the ease of using login information from another service, rather than creating yet another new username/password combination.

You can still pick a unique Disqus screen name for comments, but there's an ease-of-use advantage here. By using other login info you may find – as your blog author has – that you stay "logged in" to Disqus and any time you go to comment, the system recognizes you. That makes it worth a try.

Click here to go to the Disqus signup page. Note that, in the lower left of the page (enlarged here), you can use an ID from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and several more OpenID options. This process is quick and could make your future comments simpler.

To be clear, your blog author has no stake in Disqus and we can't vouch for everything about the system. It appears to be superior to the past system and certainly beats the standard-issue system that came with Blogger.

So sign up and join the discussion! And while you're commenting, please let us know how this system is working for you.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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