New Year Open Forum (1/3-1/12)

By Dave Fratello | January 3rd, 2009
If there weren't so darn much change in the air, the rolling over of the calendar this year might be a total nonevent. But this is a different kind of dawn, isn't it?

There will be a clean sweep of the national leadership, perhaps most importantly in the economic areas. Timely.

The new government, just like the outgoing one, surely will shower free money on the problems we all face in a sincere effort to make everything better.

Whether it will all work, and how it will affect real estate nationally and locally, is, of course, uncertain. (There's reason to be skeptical.) MBC will be there to watch and report.

In this "Open Forum," please offer your projections/predictions for 2009 on matters economic and for local real estate.

MBC will evolve again this year, the third year of the site, in steps little and big. Because this is basically a hobby for your blog host, change tends to happen slowly. But you will see some steps taken that affect your daily experience of the site.

One change starts now: We are implementing a new commenting system provided by The chief benefit of this system, as shall be readily apparent, is the "threaded" comments organization – comments responding to other comments nest below the original statement. This should help to keep conversations together.

Readers will find the IntenseDebate system much easier to use by registering privately with that site OR by creating/using an OpenID.

Though we're interested in feedback on this new system, we're strongly inclined to give it a good run. So please get familiar with it and consider registering with one of those sites to make your commenting experience simpler each time.

Finally, we won't forget to say it again: Happy new year to our readers and their families.

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