Now It's a Buena Vista

By Dave Fratello | February 4th, 2008
It took 5 months, but now the best new home on Rosecrans is changing hands.

3617 Vista (4br/3ba, 2750 sq. ft.) came on the market Sept. 5, 2007, at $2.149m. MBC offered a detailed writeup shortly thereafter (see "As Good As It Gets on Rosecrans"). Highlights:
  • a solid, voluptuous-feeling build with lots of nice custom touches;
  • this is a loud part of Rosecrans... Throughout our visit, vehicle noise was noticeable – in part because cars are gunning their engines to climb the hill;
  • If Vista doesn't go quickly, we'd guess a sale could come in nearer to $1.9m.
This listing was cut down to $1.899m in early January, so we imagine that the deal is close the that. Hey, that means we weren't far off in that edgy prediction way-back-when. (All predictions are edgy.)

MBC was blessed in the comments on that story to hear from a person who had bid on the project before it was built out. His numbers suggested a cost for the builder of about $1.765m. With 5% costs of sale at $1.899m, the net is $1.8m, meaning possibly a tiny sliver of a profit, assuming (big-A assuming) no extra costs along the way. With 5 months' worth of holding costs after the prop hit the market, we might assume a modest loss on this project.

But consider the buyers. They got at least a 12% discount, they're near the beach, the airport, yoga, sushi and, of course, El Tarasco. They're in the newly minted region of "North Manhattan Beach." What's not to love at this point?

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