On 31st, It'll Stay

By Dave Fratello | May 23rd, 2011
One of the big questions with 608 31st (4br/2ba, 2220 sq. ft.) was, as we put it in a video tour last month, "should it stay, or should it go?"

The home is a 1950 original cottage with an add-on in back. The nearly prime location on the "best" (south) side of super, canopied 31st St. would lead many people to conclude that this would be a lot sale.

But no. Not this time.

After multiple offers, 608 31st sold to buyers who intend to remodel the home – to mend it, not end it.

Final sale price: $1.210m for a lot tired home on a lot of average size (4770 sq. ft.) in a much-better-than-average location.

We wrote this past weekend of MBC's "preservationist instincts," which we expect to be thwarted in the case of 3120 Alma, a little vintage house on a Sand Section corner lot.

Similarly, for 31st, we had nursed a worry that the cottage was a goner, only to learn that the buyers are keeping it, brightening the day a bit. (And proving again that nursing worries gets you nowhere.)

In the "Weekend Opens" post in which we debuted a video tour (below), we wrote:

Though the home's dated and cramped in parts, it's not wrecked and could be fancied up with a little vision and some dollars. Economics and progress probably argue for a scraping and a new home on the site, but we often root for the underdogs.
Today, underdogs win!

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