On the Lighter Side

By Dave Fratello | May 11th, 2010
Local real estate – billions invested, tens of millions turning over monthly.

So dern serious.

Can we take a walk on the lighter side for a moment?


Put yourself in this frame of mind... it's a beachy Fall Saturday. The college games are over and you just want to while away the brisk afternoon before sundown and the ham dinner that's in the oven.

You light a fire in your new fireplace. You settle into the big sofa with the dog and kids to watch the flames dance.

Red embers pop and glow. Tendrils of flame rise up and lick the top of the firebox.

Suddenly, you're startled by a face in the window directly above the fireplace. It's Barry! He's mushing his nose against the window and waving to the kids. They're giggling, and soon, so are you.

Now, this fanciful story could only happen for you if you're lucky enough to have a window built into your fireplace.

It must be the new must-have item, because this reader snapshot comes from a home now under construction in MB in a top-dollar location.

Do we really think there's a fireplace under that window? Probably not. Maybe the interior designer had a fight with the exterior designer.

MBC has noted before that stone (or brick) laminates have changed the way builders (and homeowners) design homes – no need for a design to be physically possible to build it now. (See "Stapled-On Stone, Part I.")

This chimney window gives the far-more-prevalent "flying chimney" a run for its money.


Lots of people have very specific things they'd like to see in a house – number of bedrooms, yard or no yard, updated or fixer. Increasingly, people want to see the laundry room upstairs in a 2-bedroom house – that's handy.

But there are other options in this Torrance house:
"finished addict room can be hobbit room"
Beware false advertising here...

MBC can't claim credit for finding this one – Janie Sue Nagy posted it Last month.

It's amazing that the language has stuck around, unchanged.

Too bad, too, because the house is nicely updated, maybe worth a look if your search is all over the South Bay. We suppose that even the addict room looks pretty decent.


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