Open-Air Living, Open-Air Driving

By Dave Fratello | December 9th, 2009
Once again, someone's trying to sell a house in MB with a car thrown in as a bonus.

In the case of 228 34th, we're talking about a 4br/4ba, 3725 sq. ft. North End house near the beach that failed to sell over a full year in 2008-09, and which apparently rented out late this past Summer. (Redfin link does not display pics at this time; a note in the listing promises photos by Dec. 11.)

At $3.6m, the listing is back $399k lighter than its last list price, and that doesn't count the cost of the Porsche 911 convertible that's being offered with it now.

It's the 2010 model that's offered with the home. (Itself a 1983 model.) The classic, sexy little speedster is listed between $85k-$145k new on the Porsche website.

There's a fun symmetry between the home and the car, you must admit:
  • When you're home, 228 34th is noteworthy for its large roofdeck (1700 sq. ft. per the listing). You can live almost topless, enjoying the big sky and those big-blue-marble views all the way out to Japan, er, well, Catalina.
  • When you're not home, there's still no fussy rooftop limiting your exposure to the glorious sun and wind. 
What a package. (Yes, as we write, we're expecting rain again, but try to remember Summer.)
Though the new listing doesn't yet have pics, we did pluck one out of the nice collage in this story on the website of the Realestalker, who wrote about this "celebrity beach home" back in September 2008. (The celeb is a player of American football, area native Tony Gonzalez, currently with the Atlanta Falcons.)

As to the convertible come-on, some readers are saying: "Again?" 

Yes, again. It was July 2007 when MBC posted "Take the House, Take the Car," in which a 2007 Mercedes S550 was being offered to anyone who purchased a particular Tree Section home at full price. They never needed to make good on that offer, though.

Must you be speedy to catch the 911?

At $3.6m, there's got to be a ways to go still for 228 34th. Have we all forgotten the best deal of 2008 for the Sand Section, a bigger, smashing brand-new home across the walkstreet at 221 34th, which closed for $3.315m in January? No, of course we have not.

So at what point does the car drop out of the deal for 228 34th? One to watch.

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