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By Dave Fratello | November 18th, 2009

Christmas lights: lovely to look at, fun to hang up have someone else install, a great celebration, even if they are a sub-optimal use of electricity.

All over town, the lights are up early, early, early this year.

Up, and on.

A week after Halloween, they were going up. This had to be a record.

Is this some kind of bargain-hunting? Crews are offering deals, maybe, for those who get an early start?

Are we helpin' the workin' man? The under-employed who could use the extra gig to make ends meet?

Either way, if these early lights in our better-off community are some kind of strange reflection of recessionary 2009, then maybe it's great that they're up early.

Now, shut them off.

Because Christmas lights don't go on till after Thanksgiving. In some places it's rude to turn them on in any month that isn't December. (Yes, that means turning them off again in January, but we'll get to that later.)

Shut them off now, just for another week or so. Or else.

Or else what?

You want the crews knocking on your door next year on Oct. 1?

They'll be offering to decorate your home for Halloween. The next day they can do your Christmas lights.

Soon it will be lights on the house for July 4th. Installed some time in June? No. The day after Easter.

Resist the temptation. Save some electrons. Put the lights up whenever. But shut them off now, and we'll all enjoy them later.


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