Open Forum (3/16-3/22)

By Dave Fratello | March 17th, 2009
This anniversary isn't like the first one.

MBC turned 2 on Sunday. (!)

This round, we're not going to deliver much of a speech like last year. (See "Time for Some Cake.") No fireworks. And we're gnawing on Girl Scout cookies, not cake. (Fewer crumbs on the keyboard.)

Your blog author is happy to have begun this little project, glad to keep evolving, pleased that there's plenty to discuss and still plenty of mystery about what happens next in the local RE market.

If this little hobby (habit?) on top of home & work can be a little exhausting at times, well, we learned to live exhausted years ago. Caffeine, fortunately, is legal.

In Year Three, MBC will get a redesign and we'll start to add a few features we always wanted. After a reader survey, we'll take your ideas of what we need more of, or less.

Your attention is much appreciated, as are the private notes from readers with inspiration and/or information. MBC exists because something like this was needed. We're thinking that will remain the case. And so, onward!


As always, please use this week's "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. Like your favorite Girl Scout cookies. And keep it clean, like a Girl Scout might be reading what you write.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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