Open Forum (3/9-3-15)

By Dave Fratello | March 9th, 2009
Take a little side trip this Monday to the world of horrible, horrible listing photos.

MBC has offered up a few gems from time to time (dogs & workers in the listing pics, etc.), but there's a daily feed offered by "It's Lovely! I'll Take It!" (at

Abandoned and semi-destroyed homes provide a lot of the fodder, but there are all kinds of housing types that get a mention, too. (A garage home, for instance.)

The newest entry offers the pic above of a tagged kitchen, while the second picture here shows a disturbing trail of a red liquid leading out of the now-empty living room.

It's probably not blood (probably not), right? Right? But one is not reassured by the full listing pics showing the strategically boarded-up french doors – a break-in?

We'll add Lovely Listing to the blogroll on the front page to make future adventures a step simpler.


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