Open Forum (4/15-)

By Dave Fratello | April 15th, 2009
Tax time.

We go long periods without thinking too much about what, exactly, our tax dollars go to.

This year it seems different.

There's the state budget mess, where they're raising taxes (in a recession) but still cutting teachers. So what are we getting there?

Locally, we've got a city that's headed into the red but confident, because we've got reserves. Great while you've got 'em.

As to the feds, we all know a chunk of this year's taxes is going to bailouts, and when you've got less money to your name, that stuff starts to sting.

Maybe next year the feds will start to save money on one of the wars, but they're expanding another. And then there's a couple of new nuclear states and pirates (!) and national healthcare to worry about. Anyone predicting lower costs on the horizon?

Don't forget the hidden costs of the truly massive, quinto-jillion-ballistic-HUGE interventions in the economy in the form of new, free money from the Federal Reserve. Don't worry, they're not spending your money, just your currency. Seriously, it's different. Enjoy those 4%+ rates for a little while longer...

In those boom years, you paid what you paid and if you had a gripe, it could be a polite disagreement. Increasingly, you wonder: they're spending my money on what?


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