Open Forum (6/2-6/8)

By Dave Fratello | June 2nd, 2008
Today we launch a new experiment at MBC – the "Open Forum" thread.

We'll ask readers to post their random musings, news clips and off-topic ideas here, and let the debates unfurl as they will. Our plan is to start a new thread like this each Monday.

Your blog author is not terribly interested in moderating blog comments. You'll see less comment-deletion in the Open Forum as a result. Not zero – less. We'd still like to see this forum retain a semblance of respectful dialogue, even when the issues get heated.

In exchange, your blog author will now more regularly demand that comments on the main posts be on-topic. First we'll gently remind, then we'll insist, and then we'll delete comments unrelated to an MBC story.

Guess what, dear readers? How this works out depends on you.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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