Open Forum (6/23-6/29)

By Dave Fratello | June 23rd, 2008
Here's what we're learning about the Open Forum threads...

They work. For a few days.

That is, they draw the random discussions, off-topic issues, news clips and discussions-unto-themselves. Then, by late in the week, the Open Forums have played out.

Possibly we need more than one per week, but we'll not go there just yet.

What MBC will begin now, starting each Thursday morn, will be an "East MB Bucket."

This will be the place to post info on new listings, stale listings, open houses, price chops, and, perhaps, the occasional reference to a certain new home under construction as an "Olive Garden."

We'd even say you could use the EMB thread to chat about the best pizza joints, but that discussion would end rather quickly, wouldn't it? (Valentino's.)

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