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By Dave Fratello | June 8th, 2010
Did you feel 'em?

We've had 2-3 quick 3.5+ earthquakes in the past day.

Light sleepers may have felt the 2:15am "bonk" (a 3.5) Sunday night/Monday morning.

Living and working in or near the South Bay, you may have felt the double-punch of near-simultaneous, but technically separate, quakes Monday afternoon near 5pm. (One, a 2.3, originated 4 miles deeper and 8 seconds sooner than the 3.7 centered 4 miles west of Hermosa.)

If you're the type to worry about things you can't control, the little map of multiple quakes clustered around the same point on the US Geological Survey's website won't be much comfort.

They all appear to be at one end of the Palos Verdes Fault, which runs to the southeast, though no source has yet been ascribed to the bumps. The PV fault is considered to be capable of generating a 7.0-ish quake some day. (Graphic above [click to enlarge] courtesy of a recent Easy Reader cover story, "Earthquake Beach.")

So these are likely routine bumps, but it's natural to wonder if they're "foreshocks" to a bigger quake on the immediate horizon. Count out a couple of days and, if nothing happens, you can probably wash away that fear.

Then we can move on to something else...


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