Open Forum (7/28-8/3)

By Dave Fratello | July 28th, 2008
There's plenty to discuss this week, including the anemic sales pace of the second half of July. (That's just because everyone's on vacation.)

But we'll kick off the week here with a measure of surprise from our most recent poll results. In a poll that generated more votes than any that came before, the winner for biggest problem on The Strand was – KIDS. (See "Troubles in Paradise.")

Kids in strollers. Kids who toddle along, clueless to traffic around them. Kids with toys, kids with skateboards, kids with dime bags for sale, kids with other kids making trouble.

It was a bit of a shock to see the next generation overtake the year-round problem that seemed to generate the most comments – dogs.

That was your blog author's top concern. It's not the barking or the hair, it's mainly the excrement. Unless and until dogs learn to pick up 100% of their own messes, it's the dog owners', um, duty. Even in our high-class neighborhood there are just enough low-class dog owners to muck up our little treasure by the sea. Here's hoping just a couple of them got a message this week.

Voters were more annoyed by Tourists (27%) than by Locals (7%) – no big surprise there. (Click graphic to enlarge.) Trash and Parties scored fairly low (10% each), and, on the former issue, we really do owe some credit to the city service folk who keep The Strand pretty tidy.

Meanwhile, wheeled individuals (on bikes and blades) also scored a tame 11% – in comments, we heard more about walkers disrupting the bike paths.

Home Prices outpaced dogs in the final stretch, garnering just 1 more vote as a big Strand problem. And yet, high prices work nicely as a barrier to entry. Seems the place would be a dream if they could keep the kids, dogs and tourists out, too.

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