Open Forum (8/4-8/10)

By Dave Fratello | August 5th, 2008
Time for another Open Forum. Plenty to get into this week...
  • The Grey Old Lady warns that prime and Alt-A loans are defaulting at higher rates this year than last – not high rates, yet, but substantially higher than before. Lenders and market watchers fear this could be the leading edge of the next wave of loan defaults. Subprime was big, but, says one: "Prime will be far bigger in its impact."
  • Assume, for the moment, that Manny Ramirez (photo: LATimes) remains a Dodger next year. (Just play along.) Nomar's in town. Should Manny come to MB?
Right now he and the family (including 1 of his 2 sons named Manny) live in Florida. But we've had that debate here. Why Florida when you've got MB as an option?
  • Should the 6-man volleyball tournament be renamed? If so, what?
"6-person?" "Hermosa for a Day?"

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