Open Forum (9/29-10/5)

By Dave Fratello | September 30th, 2008
It's a great time to be distracted.

Financial system melting down? Not to worry:
  • The Fall TV season has launched with gusto!
  • The presidential campaign is heating up. Just 5 weeks to go! Palin vs. Biden on Thursday!
  • Baseball playoffs, NFL, college football!
In that spirit, MBC will note that 2 of our town's homes recently hit the radar of The RealEstalker... (as always, click on any highlighted address for more pics & details via Redfin):

204 19th (pictured) is a walkstreet home near downtown, built in 2006 and pretty much maxed out (4br/4ba, 4260 sq. ft.). Purchased new in Aug. 2006 by Dodgers starting pitcher Derek Lowe (noted by Realestalker in this story) for $5.0m. Now offered for $5.7m.

Word to the wise: Let's try to keep Mr. Lowe happy right now, as he faces the prospect of some gentlemen from Chicago wearing pinstripes who hope, very much, to hit balls he throws, while he, and we, would prefer the opposite.

228 34th is on a walkstreet uptown, 1 door west of Highland. Not the hugest, with 3br/4ba and 3450 sq. ft., but it's got a roof deck (impossible on newer homes) that absolutely rocks. Owned by KC Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, as Realestalker notes, at some length. "Celebrity Beach Home!" cries the listing. Offered at $3.999m to start.


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