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By Dave Fratello | November 5th, 2007
We're a bit behind in publishing the MB Market Update (hoping for Tues.) for the 2-week period ending Oct. 31.

So we'll share a headline now: there were 2 (two) SFR sales posted on the MLS in those 2 weeks, in our subject region west of Sepulveda.

And 2 escrows failed in that period, with those homes returning to the market.

We'd say that's almost a wash, but we also had 3 new listings go on offer.

Things are probably a little better than it appears. In the Trees, we're told that 2310 Palm new construction featured in "The 1-Year Club in the Trees," is in escrow. (It didn't get posted by Oct. 31.) And, as always, there are off-MLS sales happening, particularly in the big-dollar range.

Let's look at SFR sales activity (new escrows) from the recent updates, broken down by 2-week periods (click dates for the full updates for each period):
Aug. 1-15: 5
Aug. 16-31: 6
Sept. 1-15: 7
Sept. 16-30: 0
Oct. 1-15: 10
Oct. 16-31: 2
All of these months are slower than Spring and Summer. As MBC posted in September, the average number of new escrows for SFRs per month averaged about 20 before the credit crunch in August.

Right now: 11, 7 and 12 for the 3 months since the crunch.

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