'Puzzling Palm' Down to Bones

By Dave Fratello | June 5th, 2012
Frequently you'll walk through a lower-priced property and say to yourself, "This place could be great, if only everything were different."

2516 Palm when on market
One of the better examples of that phenomenon early this year was the home at 2516 Palm (3br/2ba, 2250 sq. ft.), which MBC dubbed "Puzzling Palm" because of its manifestly strange layout.

The backstory was that an old 2br house had been picked up and moved from Beverly Hills to the site years ago, then several local additions were made. This contributed to the surprising layout: 2br in back off the dining room on the first floor, then the master suite up front, through 2 living rooms and upstairs over the garage.

In our review of the home, we called it "a mixed-up curiosity of a house," with special attention to the odd layout features.

But we also noted the huge asset of the place: a "plus-size lot, an odd-shaped 7350 sq. ft. plot that offers a big, sunny, grassy yard" on one side and more patio space on the other. All that on a cul-de-sac street.

For $1.200m – a slight ($11k) overbid on the list price – someone saw the opportunity.

2516 Palm currently – views from front and Adrmore
Now they've gone to work.

Puzzling Palm has been gutted.

It's got to have great airflow now, with no walls to speak of.

Clearly this is exactly what the home needed – a rethinking/reimagining, a better layout, moved walls, new everything inside.

Layout is the toughest thing to fix. Take a house down to the bones like this and you may feel like you should just rebuild from scratch, but it may not be necessary. Just use the space better.

We'll try to get another look at 2516 Palm down the road, when – presumably – it will be a lot less puzzling. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Note: The legal address for this property is 2604 N. Ardmore.

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