Quickies in the Trees

By Dave Fratello | February 8th, 2010
There's a flipside to the burgeoning inventory west of Sepulveda – some quick sales this year, too.

Some are quite impressive.

For a while everyone was talking about the quick sale at 1413 Pine, priced below $1.4m.

Next came 3113 Laurel, a resale of a newer home priced over $2m.

Most recently, it's 2603 Palm, a $3m listing, which now has a deal. (Pictured; see our mid-January MB Market Update for a writeup on Palm.)

All 3 listings had logged 3 or fewer weeks on the market – all of those DOM coming pre-Super-Bowl. Pine ran less than one week, and Laurel ran just about 2 weeks.

In addition, 1609 Oak made a deal at about the 3 week mark. Recently, some longer-term listings, 3004 Oak and 2204 Ardmore, also made deals. (Click any highlighted address for pics & details via Redfin.)

There were only 3 sales in the Hill & Sand sections combined in January, and just one more sale of an SFR in either region since then (332 20th in the Sand).

But the Trees are busy with both new listings and sales. Those coming out in the days to come are sure hoping they can be like the fresh listings that have come before – quick and done.

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