Radical Garage

By Dave Fratello | July 24th, 2014

Sometimes it seems that no one in Manhattan Beach uses their garage to actually park cars. Except maybe at the beach.

One new construction project by the beach runs with both ideas, and mixes it all up.

At 128 14th, a new, high-end modern downtown, they've built out what they call a 6-car "ultimate" garage.

In this radical reconceptualization of garage-ness, you don't just have vacant space to roll in your SUVs, convertibles and assorted beach toys.

No, you also get a home theater with surround sound, wet bar (with keg fridge) and a sunny patio.

Raw concrete won't do for flooring. Nope, it's highly polished.

Rollup garage doors at both ends will kick up a nice breeze, but what if that's not enough?

Of course, the garage is air conditioned.

Do you know how many homes in Manhattan Beach are not air conditioned? Now, do you want to guess how many other garages get their own A/C?

And we already mentioned that sunny patio – it flows nicely from the home theater space and was built with purpose. It's not some little pocket of accidental, leftover space. It's fully intentional, a part of the happening that is this radical garage. There's built-in seating and a firepit.

Come to think of it, it's probably smart to draw people outside this way during a garage party. Less risk of people setting their drinks down on the Porsche.

There are two more floors to this modern home, more conventional in their ways than the first floor.

We liked the master-of-the-universe-class master suite, and the fact that all 4br together on the middle level are sizable. No cheater "beach bedrooms" too shrimpy to actually live in.

The top level draws good views and you know pretty much what they'll always be, with a modern home immediately to the west, views down 14th and a nice pocket of views off the 3rd floor's back patio. Right now you can see the pier and watch the waves break from that nice indoor/outdoor space.

Not that you'd need to invite anyone upstairs for the views. Party's in the garage.

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