Re-Repriced on 1st

Posted by Dave Fratello on Monday, February 8th, 2010 at 5:08am.

It turns out that was a short-term offer at 517 1st.

The price posted Friday of $1.599m got bumped up Sunday to $1.699m. (Graphic pulled from Redfin's listing of the property.)

Change of heart?

Data-entry error?

Maybe a declaration of "mission accomplished" in bringing new attention to a stale listing?

Whatever the case, the new price makes the concluding line of MBC's previous story ("Rebuilt, Repriced on 1st") completely incorrect.

We had said that you could now get 517 1st for less than a specific older, less desirable home up the street that sold in 2008.

Now you can't.

Well, maybe.
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