Rename Parts of Manhattan Beach?

By Dave Fratello | August 23rd, 2018

"What's in a name?" the Bard asked.

Now we're all being asked to answer this eternal question. (See our poll below.)

It seems that, out of the blue, people are angling to rename parts of Manhattan Beach.

Watch out. This could become infectious.

It starts at the top. The city of Manhattan Beach is gaming out a renaming of Sepulveda Blvd. to become "Pacific Coast Highway."

PCH is a classic name, sounds beachy, and is definitely better than potential alternatives like "Gelson's Road" or "New, Improved Manhattan Village Mall Lane."

The city's proposal is the inevitable reaction to El Segundo changing Sepulveda to PCH recently. The same road becomes PCH in Hermosa.

Now, suddenly, Manhattan Beach is isolated as the only South Bay town with this particular road labeled "Sepulveda." So now we (maybe) have to change.

Yes, once again, Manhattan Beach is following El Segundo's lead. (Ahem.)

At MBC world headquarters, which is on PCH Sepulveda, we got a survey from the city. They want to know if we support changing the name of the road, and whether changing it will cost us money - and how much. So you can see where that's going. (You can register your opinion in the city's survey below.)

Meanwhile, east of Sepulv... er, PCH, errrr...

Recently, a savvy local realtor has ginned up a proposal to rename part of East Manhattan Beach. (A pause out of respect here for some breakout marketing. OK, resume.)

Under the concept, the Mira Costa neighborhood south of MB Blvd. would become "Manhattan Knolls."

Manhattan Knolls...

There seems not to be solid historical backing for the name, but it would have some tie to the topography of the area, with its modestly rolling hills. (Don't get any ideas. "Rolling Hills" is taken.)

Local historian and former Mayor Jan Dennis seemed to suggest "Cardinal Ranch" would be a more rooted alternative. Perhaps you've got ideas?

Coming up next: Maybe renaming the East Manhattan Beach neighborhood between MB Blvd. and Marine Ave., now informally "Manhattan Heights" and containing the clearly identified Liberty Village neighborhood.

Not sure what they're thinking for that area yet, but with Meadows Elementary right there, how about "The Meadowlands?"

For fun and interest, in our new poll, we're going to ask your opinion on:

1) Renaming Sepulveda

2) Renaming the Mira Costa neighborhood (Manhattan Knolls or other options)

3) What else in MB would you rename... to what?

Click the poll question above or this link to take our survey. (Off-site.)

We'll gather responses for a spell and share the results in a later post.

UPDATE: We see as they come in that some of your comments under "What Else" to rename are both interesting and funny. Y'all are going to create a whole post for us just from that part of the survey!


Photo credit: The PCH image above in this post is excerpted from the city website.


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