Rockin' on Rosecrans

By Dave Fratello | September 15th, 2015

Until 2013, only one Manhattan Beach home with a Rosecrans address had ever sold for $1.3M or more.

640 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThat home was 640 Rosecrans, with 5br/3ba, 2250 sqft., on a typical 3650 sqft. lot.

It sold for a nudge over $1.3M at $1.314M in Sept. 2005, before the last bubble was even finished inflating.

Along came 2013, though, and 640 Rosecrans was finally displaced from its perch as the priciest-ever Rosecrans property. Several sales beat it:

610 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThose three, and of course, the much higher-priced world-beater at the time, 610 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 1800 sq. ft.) at $1.635M.

That one was an epic achievement for the block, a Venice-vibe modern that was like an island unto itself. Click the address to remind yourself of what a beauty that was was/is. (See "Rosecrans Shocker" for more.)

588 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CAWe saw 2013 kill the records and bury 640 Rosecrans on another page of the Rosecrans record book (a hypothetical book, mind you), then 2014 quietly delivered one more big-priced sale: 588 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 2175 sq. ft.) with a closed figure of $1.545M, pretty much the asking price, and about $200K over all the comps except that smashing modern.

Naturally, 2015 has raised the bar all over again.

626 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CAFirst, it was a custom-built, newer (2011) home at 626 Rosecrans, listed for $1.699M (unheard of – even 610 Rosecrans had launched at a modest $1.399M!) and selling for $1.687M, $50K+ over the prior comp.

And now, back where it all started, 640 Rosecrans has climbed back to the top of the heap. 

They tried the same start price, $1.699M, as the prior high sale.

But that wasn't enough! The market delivered $10K more. Closed price this week: $1,709,999.

That's 30% over the prior sale 10 years ago, if that means anything.

What it certainly means: Rosecrans values continue to rise with the rest of the market, and the next high may be just around the corner.

Much bigger than any of the Rosecrans homes referenced here, 808 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 3160 sqft., 5960 sqft. lot) is asking $1.899M, not so far under what you'd expect for a home in a more interior location. It won't be the highest PPSF on Rosecrans if the close it up near that number, but still, it would steal the mantle from 640 Rosecrans... until the next big number comes along.

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