Rosecrans Shocker

By Dave Fratello | July 7th, 2013

Way back when – well, early this Spring – right along Rosecrans, a new listing came out that pushed the ceiling.

610 Rosecrans (4br/4ba, 1800 sq. ft.) is a bold and very different kind of place for MB generally, and Rosecrans specifically.

We called it "an intense modern showpiece, a wide-open, airy space with high-end finishes and an L.A./Venice or Euro vibe."

And we poured it on thusly: "It is certainly the best house we've ever seen on Rosecrans, and threatens to redefine what's possible on that oft-forgotten stretch of street." (For more, see our full review.)

The start price: $1.399M.

Over $1.3M for Rosecrans?

Well, that had been accomplished exactly one time before.

That was at 640 Rosecrans, 25% bigger, though hardly as architecturally inspired. (Pictured.)

640 sold for $1.314M in 2005.

Intriguingly, 640 resold for $100K less just last year, in April 2012. So, even last year, that peak-type feat of 1.3+ could not be repeated.

But here was killer 610 Rosecrans, strutting out on the runway, all acting like it wasn't on Rosecrans, in the way that some awesome Venice homes just south of California Ave. act like they're not really close to California. (Tip: It's a rather drastic neighborhood border.)

And the result... 610 Rosecrans has closed for $1.635M.

And we now have the latest in our (unplanned) series of "shocker" stories for 2013. (For the whole series, see: "Walnut Shocker," "Shocker on 12th" and "Highland Shocker." More to come?)

Ladies and gentlemen, that $1.635M is nearly 25% higher than the top sale on Rosecrans prior to this listing coming out.

The argument would be: This house was simply different, inherently valuable, smashing a knockout, and pricing was completely blind to the Rosecrans factor, rooted only to the must-have factor. We hear that it actually appraised fine, which would mean that the appraiser looked away from Rosecrans, too, perhaps using beachier comps.

There were plenty of suitors for 610 Rosecrans. We had a client chasing it, and recall 10+ offers being reported to us. Back then, we were sure it would get into the 1.4s, thought maybe the 1.5s, and wondered if it could hit the 1.6s – if someone was really motivated.

Yes, someone was motivated. $1.635M for Rosecrans = motivated.

Maybe you really have to see the whole series of pics to get it.

The only quirk to the 610 Rosecrans sale was that it took forever to close, but not due to any problems – it was by mutual arrangement. In the meantime, a few more sales have closed along the block. The Rosecrans report for 2013 now looks like this:

So the 1.3s are no longer unheard of on Rosecrans.

The 1.6s – that's a feat we have to figure will be hard to repeat.

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