Santa Barbara on Palm Has a Deal

By Dave Fratello | July 19th, 2012
We were pretty frank in our first review of 1820 Palm.

The sellers were starting, most likely, "above market price" at $2.149m, for a 2450 sq. ft. remodel. They were hoping that the super location and very nice Spanish/modern styling would propel them to surprising heights.

We called the home "undeniably sharp and attractive," but wondered if the 70s original could really command anything like that kind of money. Especially with a patio rather than a yard.

Then the sellers corrected to $1.999m a month ago, and we were unsurprised at the 7% cut.

But still... $2m for 2400-odd sq. ft.?

It's just a month after that cut, and now they've posted that they've got a deal at 1820 Palm.

5 bedrooms, great block, style... no work to do. Can you almost see it? How do they wind up?

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