Saturday Lite

Posted by Dave Fratello on Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 8:47pm.

At this hour it's open house time, so let's keep it short and simple...

One of MBC's favorite poems about real estate, sort of... courtesy of McSweeney's (frequent visits suggested):

What the People
Who Used to Live in My House
Apparently Said to Each Other
Before Selling it to Me


- - - -

"I think wall-to-wall beige carpeting is the way to go."

"How can we beige it up even more?"

"Let's paint all the walls the exact same beige as the beige light-switch covers at Home Depot."

"Still not beige enough."

"We could paint the moldings beige, that might help."

"Everyone loves beige!"

If you need something a little more substantive, check out the new graphs of active/sold ratios for Spring over at our MB Market Update subdivision.

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