Saturday Lite

By Dave Fratello | June 9th, 2007
At this hour it's open house time, so let's keep it short and simple...

One of MBC's favorite poems about real estate, sort of... courtesy of McSweeney's (frequent visits suggested):

What the People
Who Used to Live in My House
Apparently Said to Each Other
Before Selling it to Me


- - - -

"I think wall-to-wall beige carpeting is the way to go."

"How can we beige it up even more?"

"Let's paint all the walls the exact same beige as the beige light-switch covers at Home Depot."

"Still not beige enough."

"We could paint the moldings beige, that might help."

"Everyone loves beige!"

If you need something a little more substantive, check out the new graphs of active/sold ratios for Spring over at our MB Market Update subdivision.

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