See the 'Median Home' of 2017 in Manhattan Beach

By Dave Fratello | January 30th, 2018

Real estate generates a lot of data, which is all fun to pore over. (If you're the type.)

But it's all really about houses, homes, people. We know that.

So let's look behind the data on Manhattan Beach median home prices, and see what you actually get for the money.

The median price for 2017 was $2,349,000.

Out of 421 separate sales, there were 210 sales higher, and 210 sales lower.

1613 Chestnut Manhattan Beach CABut there was only one for exactly $2,349,000. It was 1613 Chestnut (5br/4ba, 3175 sqft.), near Meadows Elementary in East Manhattan Beach.

This is your median home of the year. It sold in late April.

It's a conventionally pretty, custom-built (2004) Cape Cod on a lot that, at 4900 sqft., is sized typically for the immediate area and about the same as you'd find in the Tree Section just west of Sepulveda.

1613 Chestnut Manhattan Beach CAThat's another way of saying this down-the-middle, crowd-pleasing Cape Cod is very much like what you might find on either side of PCH if you were a family shopping for 4-5br family house last year.

So the median house wasn't a teardown beach cottage, a townhome back on an alley street, or a condo along MB Blvd. Just a regular house like so many people are seeking at any given time.

(There are no front exterior photos of 1613 Chestnut in the listing, FYI.)

We can also share a couple of "nearly" median homes.

1712 Curtis (5br/6ba, 4270 sqft.), a 2007 Cape Cod on a larger lot (a "typical" 7500 sqft. lot), sold barely above the median, for $2.360M.

And just below the median, at $2.325M, was 3109 Vista (3br/4ba, 2400 sqft.). Oh, there was one of those "townhome[s] back on an alley street."


We have had to update the Manhattan Beach median home price after our very first post on the subject.

In early January, we published the data as soon as we could, in "Manhattan Beach Median Price Soars 13% in '17."

At that time, we calculated $2,354,500, instead of $2,349,000, as the median.

manhattan-beach-median-price-2017Our very slight downward revision comes about because there is a duplicate sale in the dataset. By counting that sale only once, we see the total number of sales for the year reduced from 422 to 421 sales, putting 1613 Chestnut and its $2,349,000 sale price right at the median.

You probably weren't going to call us on the discrepancy between posts - and we've updated the old post, too, to remove the incorrect figure - but we wanted to be transparent with the data here.

The increase year-over-year is still 13%, which is still pretty amazing, and yes, it kinda snuck up on everybody.

Whatcha got now, 2018?

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