She's Baaaaaaaaack

Posted by Dave Fratello on Sunday, January 13th, 2008 at 3:17am.

We've done a pretty good job avoiding making MBC into some kind of Britney-watch.

However, it bears some mention that Ms. Spears, who's apparently now out of the hospital, was spotted in MB the other day by the sorts of people who professionally spot Ms. Spears.

No big deal, we s'pose – anyone can storm through town for a drink or a bite.

Gossip-rag bonus: A faithful reader sent us a link (here) that actually quotes MBC (without attribution), from our letter encouraging Ms. Spears to look elsewhere for a home. (See "What We Don't Need in MB.")

We're ignoring the hed on the gossipers' story, because jetting through Manhappenin' does not qualify as house-hunting in our book, and it turns out last time she was actually looking in Hermosa.
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