Sorry, We Just Can't

By Dave Fratello | December 4th, 2007
We get a lot of requests here at MBC to expand our coverage area.

And in some sense, we'd love to. To cross Highway 1 might open new horizons. We would be able to provide a fuller picture of... our ZIP code.

Then we're reminded, sometimes, of why it's impossible.

Consider this "handsome 2 story dramatic entry home" (listing) at 1842 10th, for which the sellers think you should pay $2.675m. (Click for details, and a to-die-for description, via Redfin.)

The listing language is full of breathless spin, but MBC is thinking that when it says the home is "dramatic," that's just an accidential misspelling of "traumatic" (darn dictaphones!).

Oh, we see mistakes of all kinds west of Sepulveda, but not often this bad. Count your lucky stars.

Sorry, folks, but if this is the sort of thing we're going to face, MBC just can't do East MB.

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