South End Options Surprise

By Dave Fratello | March 23rd, 2011
Looks like your blog author may need to munch on some plastic some day soon.

It was not quite 3 weeks ago when we posted "South End Options Diverge," taking some approving note of a price cut at 424 3rd (to $1.695m) and suggesting that nearby 204 Morningside was substantially overpriced at $1.895m.

204 Morningside Dr.
Feeling somewhat confident about that Morningside opinion, we said: "Your blog author might have to make a lunch out of his keyboard if Morningside sells close to that start price."

Well, 10 days later, 204 Morningside posted a deal, and this past Sunday, the more easily anticipated deal at 424 3rd posted as well.

So both homes are now in escrow, and the question regarding the Morningside listing is becoming something like: "How do you define 'close to that start price?'"

Though we called the home "qualitatively a bigger challenge" than 424 3rd, and called $1.895m "a premium price for a home that's less than perfect," we also certainly allowed as how the home's "cute" and "nicely decorated." It could work for a family that likes the layout, which has its quirks.

Clearly, MBC will cop to it if we misjudged the market value on this one. But we really like our keyboard(s) and prefer a meal featuring pancakes, rice or veggies to computer keys.

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