Spoiled? Thankful.

By Dave Fratello | March 22nd, 2016

We get the best in Manhattan Beach, in so many ways. Beaches, downtown, schools, etc.

Today, we're giving thanks for the high caliber of real estate agents that work in this town.

Heaven knows we don't all agree on everything, and everyone's got their quirks and competitiveness and rough edges, sure. Sharp elbows? Here and there.

But each time we have work outside MB and Hermosa, it's hit or miss with the other agents we come across.

Working with a buyer, you might find an agent who's very, very decent representing a seller. Someone who is watching out for their clients and respects the work done by other agents.

We had that experience this week. It warms the heart.

And it reminds us that things don't always go so well.

Outside MB, you might find someone who comes from the used-car-salesman school of ethics, or worse. An agent who's determined to be a factor in the potential sale, not a facilitator. Someone who appears to be watching out for him or herself, maybe not so much the client. The communication may be subpar, or even suspicious.

(Hey, kids, that's Jon Lovitz over there. You should look him up. He made us laugh 30 years ago.)

Once recently as we discussed an awkward experience out of this area, a Manhattan Beach colleague commiserated: "Maybe you're spoiled from all your dealings with Manhattan Beach agents."

If he meant to be just a bit wry, so be it. His point was basically true.

Are we spoiled to work in the trenches here in MB? Maybe.

Thankful? For sure.

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