Strand Buyers Have Plenty of Options

By Dave Fratello | April 27th, 2022

Oh we know you have heard it 100 times already, but limited inventory is the bane of the 2022 market.

Except for The Strand. See, that's where buyers have it made.

If you're looking on The Strand - and who isn't? - you have options and, it would appear, you have time on your side.

What luxuries.

First, you're in position to buy waterfront property in the best beach town in Southern California.

Next, a couple good options hit the market.

After that, even more do, and you start to think, hmmmm, I could just pause right here and just see what else comes along before I make my move.

Strand buyers, may we introduce you to some middle-of-the-road $3-4 million buyers? You might be interested to learn what it's like for these hardworking folks to be scrambling through mosh pits just to see and bid on the few listings that come out in the price range.

What's that? You can only see The Strand?

OK, well maybe we'll all just take a few minutes to review the current Strand offerings:

300 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA300 The Strand (4br/9ba, 4440 sqft.)

This is a corner lot in the golden South End.

Not much comes up or turns over on The Strand south of the pier, but here you go.

The official description labels the home a remodeled "beachfront compound" with all kinds of views, including from the primary suite upstairs, and both a "sleek white kitchen" and "moody basement level with brick floors and walls, and wood paneling details."

Streaming bonus: You may be aware that the Netflix show "Selling Sunset" recently added a Manhattan Beach-based agent. She's the one listing this property, after what her brokerage bio describes as "over five years in the industry" and "more than $10 million in sales."

300 The Strand begins at $21.999M.

3404 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA3404 The Strand (8br/7ba, 5568 sqft.) is a super-unique 2-building proposition.

That includes "a fabulous three story Strand fronting home, with a rear home that’s grandfathered in, built way above today’s height limits, offering unparalleled 220 degree panoramic, unblockable views from PV Peninsula to the Santa Monica Mountains."


3404 The Strand begins at $14.995M.

1800 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA1800 The Strand (5br/8ba, 5329 sqft.) is a large 2000-built corner-lot modern just close enough to the pier and town to be an easy walk, just far enough to be minimally impacted by downtown crowds.

One unique feature: "Unheard of on the Strand is the parking for 7 cars: a 5 car interior garage with 2 car lifts (hermetically sealed below) and two extra parking spots outside."

And you probably use your garage as a home gym, nothing sealed at all.

Of course there are "jaw dropping views and beach front access," plus "a Strand-level entertaining area including a beach room with fireplace and built-in bar."

1800 The Strand is asking $27.000M.

3216 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA3216 The Strand (5br/8ba, 7454 sqft.) is aiming to be the king of Strand sales, with an asking price of $30 million.

The record public-market sale on The Strand occurred only last year at  508 The Strand (5br/6ba, 4325 sqft.) at $19.200M.

We said "wow," and a lot more, in this blog of appreciation back in January when the listing debuted.

It's extreme: "Four levels of soaring 10-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors [that] flood the house with natural light... On the west side of the property, the beach room features an impressive bar with bronze shelving, a lounge area, and a pool table. On the east side of this level, you will find a fully equipped gym and spa oasis not often found in a private residence. Below this level is the home theatre along with another living area, a wine cellar, and a tasting room."

It's mega.

Click here for the Virtual Tour (3D).

As noted, 3216 The Strand is at $30.000M.

2804 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA2804 The Strand (3br/4ba, 2932 sqft.) has a peaceful, modern "Pacific Rim-inspired design," and a home that appears to be under-built for the lot.

"Just enough," as it were.

The listing boasts that the home" has an unconventional design that contradicts the neighboring residences and dominates the house skyline."

It's completed 7 months on market now and has cut $1.5M from start, but continues to provide a unique opportunity for the right buyer.

2804 The Strand is now at $14.999M.

1516 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA1516 The Strand (4br/4ba, 4953 sqft.) came to market first last February and has canceled and re-listed a few times.

Total DOM is getting up there, but the modern style home's description still begins by calling it a "rare and unique opportunity" to get "almost 5,000 sf of luxury quality & high end finishes - no expense was spared.

We do tend to agree that a dedicated massage room, like this one has, is a sign of the ultimate luxury.

If the purchase price is too steep, the home is also available for rent at ... er, $48K/mo.

We're just trying to give you options.

1516 The Strand is down $1.4M from its first listing, now at $17.500M.

2522 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA2522 The Strand (3br/3ba, 2660 sqft.) is a corner-lot property within a few yards of the former Bruce property on The Strand, subject of the city's rediscovery of its history and currently the site of the county lifeguards' headquarters.

The home was listed twice last year for less than the current asking price ($8.500M) by local agents.

It's currently running somewhat more like a "for sale by owner" type of listing, input into the MLS through a firm that offers that zero-service option for pocket change.

Previously detailed and florid listing descriptions have been replaced by this single line of text:

"Completely Gutted In 2021 Everything Has Renovated."

2522 The Strand is at $8.500M

Strand In Escrow

2220 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA2220 The Strand (3br/3ba, 1552 sqft.) is a corner-lot condo.

From the official description:

"This ocean front townhouse has an open floorplan that consists of three bedrooms and two and half bathrooms spread out over nearly 1,600 square feet split between two floors... a unique opportunity to own a home in the 'front row' and enjoy all that Manhattan Beach and the South Bay has to offer – for a price The Strand will never see again."

2220 The Strand was at $4.995M.

4314 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA4314 The Strand (3br/4ba, 2649 sqft.) is also a condo/townhouse, in this case the lower 2 floors of a building up in El Porto:

From the official description:

"Stunning, Strand front, fully remodeled townhouse... [T]otally renovated in 2020 with a warm, contemporary beach vibe.... [P]rivate patio with a birds eye view of all the Strand has to offer."

4143 The Strand begins at $5.275M.

2022 Strand Sales

4104 The Strand (3br/2ba, 1948 sqft.) appears to be largely a land-value proposition up in El Porto.

4104 The Strand sold for $6.230M

4320 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA4320 The Strand (3br/6ba, 3592 sqft.) was an absolutely incredible multi-level project, and the only fully built Strand home sold here in 2022.

From the official description:

"In dreaming, designing, and executing this truly irreplaceable 5-story oceanfront property... all elements have been expertly woven together into the ultimate representation of absolute perfection. Earth, air, fire and water stand in a visionary blend of architecture, function, and timeless presence forever making a unique statement along one of the most sought after stretches of coastline in the world."

Well, yeah!

You can still take the 3D tour online here. Do!

4320 The Strand sold for $10.755M

Looking Ahead

The year 2021 saw a record number of sales and record amount of money spent on The Strand in Manhattan Beach.

As we noted at year-end, that meant 16 sales and over $161 million spent. (See "Manhattan Beach Strand Sales Hit Record Highs.")

The inventory is there early this year, including some options that had market time last year. But the sales activity hasn't yet caught up.

There's time, though, for that Endless Summer mindset to hit a few more buyers of means and see 2022 challenge for the title.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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