Take the House, Take the Car

By Dave Fratello | July 25th, 2007
One of these days, the folks selling 1313 Oak will find a buyer.

They did not last year, when they started at $2.8m in April 2006.

They have not so far in 2007, despite a $300k price drop when they began anew in late May this year.

Offering up $300k worth of custom furnishings as part of the deal didn't work. The "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" connection didn't move the house.

So now, you get a free car. If only you'll pay full price. (Pic above from Beach Reporter ad.)

The Mercedes S550 is valued at nearly $90k new. (Is this one new?)

The listing no longer mentions the $300k worth of free furniture – is it still a silent part of the deal? Or do we get the car, but no "Queer Eye" lifestyle?

We may chuckle at the tactics, but we can't ignore something real: So far in July 2007, 1313 Oak was alone among all Tree Section listings over $2m to actually accept an offer. (There were 32 active listings as of July 15.) But escrow failed. That the deal didn't work out could be anyone's fault.

Maybe the gas tank wasn't full.

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