By Dave Fratello | May 30th, 2009
Just a quick note here to say MBC is undergoing a couple of changes in the background.

You may experience quirks logging on to view our content for a day or two.

One change is that all content will now be hosted at, rather than on the address. Old story links are supposed to work seamlessly.

Comments are in transition. We're dropping the "Intense Debate" system and planning a new system, but there are hitches.

That means that comments left between Friday night and some time this weekend might get lost – we don't know. Or they might flop over to the old Google/Blogger system before the new system takes over.

We hope to post a feature on Weekend Opens shortly, but we wanted readers to be aware of possible limits on comments.

Naturally, we hope to resolve everything soon.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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