Tree Section Records Smashed 3 Times

By Dave Fratello | October 9th, 2020

Elite Tree Section properties have seen some big numbers before, either in the Martyrs area or with unique double-lot properties.

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAThe top sale for 3 years was new construction at 528 15th St. (6br/6ba, 6500 sqft.), with a closing at $6.800M in June 2016.

That sale took the short-lived title away from the double-lot compound at 3301/3305 Pine, which had sold for just $50K less, $6.750M, in April 2016.

There were no challengers for 3 years, until, in June 2019, along came 2104 Palm, a large and remodeled Mediterranean that came with a whole separate lot for a yard (formerly 2100 Palm). Sale price: $7.000M for one house on two lots.

In July this year, 839 17th, a pure lot sale (16,000 sqft. of land) closed for $7.500M, a new record for a sale of any kind in the Tree Section.

But wait, there's more.

528 15th has now climbed back atop the list of top sales with a resale last week at $8.215M.

Back in May, we posted an appreciation of this ultra-luxe property (see "Now That's a Place to Shelter... for $11.750M"), trying not to make too much of that start price, a stratospheric overreach that was obvious from the word "go." It was special and, yes, woulda been a heckuva place to quarantine. (They've still got this 3D tour online; enjoy.)

That they sold more than $3.5M under asking is sort of beside the point.

So that settles it, right? 528 15th is the biggest sale ever in the Trees.

839 17th Street Manhattan Beach CANot if 839 17th has something to say about this.

Because the buyer of 839 17th didn't just buy 16,000 sqft. of land on the Martyrs-adjacent, school-adjacent block, for $7.500M.

The same buyer also purchased another big lot, 8,000 sqft., at neighboring 849 17th, for half the price of the larger double-lot ($3.750M).

With a merger of the two mega lots, you'll have one piece of property where the starting out cost is $11.250M. Only then do you get to work building.

Wait, wait. We have a ruling from the officials here.

We're reporting on individual MLS-listed sales in the Trees. The 839/849 17th St. sales were two independent transactions.

On that basis, 528 15th holds onto the trophy.

Also, it's a killer house; kind of a trophy unto itself. Regardless of whatever the next elite sale might be, they're not taking that particular trophy away.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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