Now That's a Place to Shelter... for $11.750M

By Dave Fratello | May 8th, 2020

After all these weeks of "safer at home," you've had a lot of time to look inside your own four walls. It's hoped that you mostly liked what you saw, but you may have said a couple of times, "if only we had..."

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAIf ever there was a place where one could love sheltering in place, wow, that's gotta be 528 15th (6br/6ba, 6585 sqft.).

This is a new listing that's aiming to smash all kinds of records, but let's first focus on the property itself.

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAIt was new in 2016 and, although it was stylish and well-constructed, the new owners had bigger ideas. They got right to work with a dramatic overhaul and restyling before moving in.

The end product features not only a great location near town. Not only a glamorous kitchen and family room. Not only a large and luxe master suite. Not only a deck with ocean view.

Not only those things, but more.

There's a covered outdoor room with full outdoor kitchen.

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAThere's a home theater that would truly rule out any need for ever going out to the theater. It's large, tiered, outfitted with plush sofas and high-end leather seating, with an enormous screen. There's a full wet bar just outside.

The home gym is as nice as any that you can pay hundreds of dollars a month to join - but it's home. It never closes. And it features a steam room and massage room.

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAWhy would you ever leave?

Maybe just to visit one of your other world-class homes?

Oh, with a little bit of foresight, this could have been your home during the first several weeks of sheltering at home.

There's no looking back. Look forward.

Now, the sellers know they've got something spectacular. So they're aiming to destroy the record for a Tree Section home.

528 15th Street Manhattan Beach CAThe priciest sale ever in the Tree Section was... this same house, 528 15th.

When it was new in 2016, it commanded $6.800M, a record that stands today among MLS-reported sales in the Trees. (We're limiting the scope to homes with standard lots. We discussed some other high Tree Section sales in this post 2 weeks ago.)

Now, they're asking $11.750M.

In case you're wondering, yes, there have been $11M+ sales in Manhattan Beach.

Of the 17 MLS-reported sales over $11M:

- 12 were on The Strand,

- one (202 Ocean) was Strand-adjacent,

- 2 had oversized lots on Sand Section walkstreets, and

- 2 were in the Hill Section, one a triple-lot property, and one at the top of fabled John St. with a large lot and unblocked views.

So in the Tree Section, this sort of price point would be new.

Regardless of numbers, you can easily appreciate the dripping luxury and perfection of this high-style property.

We'll let the market figure out the numbers.

We're going to spend a little more time with those photos and this high-def 3D tour. Enjoy.

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