Troubles in Paradise

By Dave Fratello | July 24th, 2008
You don't need to convince your blog author that MB is a great place, or that The Strand is one of our town's fine features. We've already declared as much (see "Great Streets: The Strand, Part I").

Yet, for all the joyous beauty of a public, beachfront thoroughfare like The Strand, there are issues. Frequent visitors will have their own pet peeves.

Think about that a little and vote in our new poll. This is meant to be a bit lighthearted, though some will think us crotchety for even suggesting it.

The poll is multiple-choice: you can vote for any number of issues you think are problems on The Strand. We prefer that you vote only once or twice for the big problems, but there's no enforcement.

Maybe for you, the big problem is beach visitors crossing The Strand without looking. Or bicyclists who can't be bothered to use the bike path. Or loud parties to which you are not invited.

The city recently took action against "private-looking" benches on the soil on the western, public side of The Strand. Private use of that land is a no-no, so they removed some benches. (Was that on your short list of peeves?)

Please vote in the poll and add your views in the comments.

Your blog author has a definite first choice among the poll options, but we'll hold back on disclosing that one for now so as not to skew the vote.

The poll closes Saturday at 7pm. Who knows, we might really learn something of great civic value.

And yes, for those who will ask, we're working on Part II on The Strand, also.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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