A Twin Splits Off

By Dave Fratello | August 8th, 2008
Kids are different.

Same genes, same parents, same environment and upbringing. Get this: They turn out different.

It's even true for twins, which just fascinates researchers. (Tip: Say "no" to every researcher who tries to enlist your twins in studies.)

In our local RE market, there are two twins we've been following – The Twins in the Trees, 3307 and 3309 Poinsettia. (3309 Poinsettia is pictured; click addresses for pics & details via Redfin. Also, see our most recent story, "The Twins Slip.")

Both were developed at the same time on a split lot by the same builder, with the same sq. footage and floorplan, though with different exterior cosmetics.

Now, for the first time, they're priced differently.

3307 Poinsettia is now the poor sister, the Cape Cod that seeks only $2.395m. That's now -$400k off an overly ambitious start.

Meanwhile, 3309 Poinsettia is holding its own at $2.499m. It seems the Italianate style is classier, more timeless, more luxurious. Sure, it's down $296k, but that's nothing like sister's big chop.

Clearly, if the Coddie gets a nibble, the more worldly Italianate will adjust, too. At this moment, though, The Twins are realizing, for the first time, that they're not the same.

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