Want Fire? Try Torrance

By Dave Fratello | April 4th, 2011
If we had a dime for each time we've heard that "the market is heating up" or even "on fire" over the last couple of weeks, we'd have... a few more dimes.

Point being that this has begun to shape up as a busy Spring, and we'll look at the data on that shortly.

Wearing a different hat, your blog author just published an analysis of inventory trends around the South Bay.

According to that Daily Breeze column, what's the hottest market?

It's Torrance that's en fuego, with the number of pending sales at more than half the number of active listings. It was the only major South Bay market in which inventory was actually down since the Super Bowl.

PV looks like it's developing an inventory glut, though the 22% increase in listings since early February isn't much higher than the 18% jump seen in MB.

We'll look at trends like these in a much more local fashion shortly.

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