Recent MB Sales Under $2M

By Dave Fratello | November 28th, 2016

Want a livable Manhattan Beach home for under $2M?

It can be done. Just adjust your expectations properly. Here are just a few recent sales just under that magic number, each in different parts of town.

In East Manhattan, the sale we're looking at is 1731 9th Street Manhattan Beach CA1731 9th (4br/3ba, 2300 sqft.). It's a 1970s build with updates that are more like 7-8 years old.

The home's pretty far east, but boasts a full-size (7500 sqft.) lot, which is one of the big reasons people go east.

Though the listing sold within about 10 days, they kept it in "backup offer" status nearly until it closed. In that status (the wording is now "Active Under Contract"), the listing accrued Days on Market up until the day of closing, totaling 77 DOM.

It sold technically over asking (by $1,000) at $1.950M.

316 31st Street Manhattan Beach CABy the beach, it was 316 31st (2br/3ba, 1325 sqft.). 

This boxy, custom remodeled 1960s house is on a corner and gets some views. (Sorry, "stellar" views, per the listing.)

Inside, it's all high-style and spare modern. Polished concrete floors. Nice woods. The occasional burst of bold colors.

Asking was $1.899M; it sold quickly for just a bit less: $1.850M.

509 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CAIn the Hill Section, it's 509 N. Dianthus (4br/3ba, 2150 sqft.) that has just closed under $2M.

This is actually the 4th sale in 7 years for 509 Dianthus. It has a way of selling, and selling, and selling. Each owner puts a little more into it.

The tall and skinny home with city views was actually listed 3 times this year: In Spring, Summer and Fall, with the highest asking price being $2.099M.

Closed price in mid-November: $1.875M.

Meantime, in the Tree Section, it's slim pickings. 

Try to find a livable family home under $2M in the Trees... hard.

Our search turned up mostly lot sales and homes with major location issues. 

716 Rosecrans Avenue Manhattan Beach CAFor an example, though, we're pointing to one of our faves: 716 Rosecrans (3br/2ba, 1500 sqft.).

This one's got nearly a double lot at 5700+ sqft. (typical Rosecrans lots are closer to 3000 sqft.).

That means a surprising feeling of space for a modestly sized home, redone with truly inspired style. The result is an open, crisp, bright home with good views and a feeling of being "set back" away from neighbors, Rosecrans and the world.

Location along Rosecrans seems pretty favorable (it's all relative), with trees planted on a berm across the way, mitigating the industrial reality on the other side.

Asking was $1.429M, and they had one of those old-fashioned bidding wars, with the price jumping to $1.475M.

We ran a similar post back in April that may be fun to go see again now: "What Around $2M Has Bought Recently."

Want to see every home now offered in MB under $2M? See below. (Email subscribers may need to click this link to see a list in a browser.)

Address 1148 Elm Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1678 sqft LOT 4477 PRICE $1,575,000 $PSF $939 DOM 5 DOM START $ $1,575,000 START 05/16/19
Address 2200 Wendy Way BD/BA 4br/2ba SQFT 1728 sqft LOT 5648 PRICE $1,850,000 $PSF $1,071 DOM 5 DOM START $ $1,850,000 START 05/16/19
Address 1613 Harkness Street BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1539 sqft LOT 5295 PRICE $1,495,000 $PSF $971 DOM 6 DOM START $ $1,495,000 START 05/16/19
Address 1151 Lynngrove Drive BD/BA 5br/3ba SQFT 2543 sqft LOT 5677 PRICE $1,990,000 $PSF $783 DOM 13 DOM START $ $1,990,000 START 05/09/19
Address 205 40th Street BD/BA 2br/1ba SQFT 811 sqft LOT 1390 PRICE $1,775,000 $PSF $2,189 DOM 14 DOM START $ $1,775,000 START 05/08/19
Address 1601 Mathews Avenue BD/BA 2br/2ba SQFT 1802 sqft LOT 8579 PRICE $1,999,000 $PSF $1,109 DOM 20 DOM START $ $1,999,000 START 05/01/19
Address 463 36th Place BD/BA 2br/2ba SQFT 1016 sqft LOT 4924 PRICE $1,249,000 $PSF $1,229 DOM 21 DOM START $ $1,249,000 START 04/30/19
Address 653 Manhattan Beach Boulevard C BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 1357 sqft LOT 12019 PRICE $1,429,900 $PSF $1,054 DOM 26 DOM START $ $1,449,900 START 04/25/19
Address 320 Rosecrans Avenue BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 1934 sqft LOT 2705 PRICE $1,995,000 $PSF $1,032 DOM 32 DOM START $ $1,995,000 START 04/19/19
Address 1517 Crest Drive BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1300 sqft LOT 1505 PRICE $1,799,000 $PSF $1,384 DOM 35 DOM START $ $1,799,000 START 04/16/19
Address 1151 N Meadows Avenue BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 1750 sqft LOT 5001 PRICE $1,699,000 $PSF $971 DOM 48 DOM START $ $1,749,900 START 04/03/19
Address 1147 2nd Street BD/BA 4br/2ba SQFT 1845 sqft LOT 6252 PRICE $1,549,000 $PSF $840 DOM 49 DOM START $ $1,599,000 START 04/02/19
Address 3616 Alma Avenue BD/BA 5br/4ba SQFT 1684 sqft LOT 2165 PRICE $1,799,000 $PSF $1,068 DOM 53 DOM START $ $1,849,000 START 03/29/19
Address 229 Aviation Pl BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 1758 sqft LOT 59679 PRICE $1,050,000 $PSF $597 DOM 61 DOM START $ $1,050,000 START 03/21/19
Address 3026 N Ardmore Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1577 sqft LOT 2399 PRICE $1,662,500 $PSF $1,054 DOM 61 DOM START $ $1,685,000 START 03/21/19
Address 3605 Crest Drive BD/BA 2br/2ba SQFT 1149 sqft LOT 1746 PRICE $1,879,000 $PSF $1,635 DOM 75 DOM START $ $1,999,000 START 02/15/19
Address 836 14th Street BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1584 sqft LOT 4983 PRICE $1,900,000 $PSF $1,199 DOM 90 DOM START $ $2,400,000 START 02/20/19
Address 1012 Rosecrans Avenue BD/BA 3br/1ba SQFT 1319 sqft LOT 4879 PRICE $1,480,000 $PSF $1,122 DOM 168 DOM START $ $1,490,000 START 12/04/18
Address 27 Coronado Court BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 1583 sqft LOT 1884 PRICE $1,349,000 $PSF $852 DOM 230 DOM START $ $1,395,000 START 10/03/18

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